We strongly believe that the best way to describe what we deal with is to show it, using either pictures or illustrations. As a matter of fact, an ancient proverb says: “an image is worth more than one thousand words”.

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About us

FEL: Feroldi's Exclusive Luxury

F E L, three simple letters of the latin alphabet, that is all we need in order to best represent the core business of this news brand, which is the strong wish to satisfy our clients and their most peculiar needs, by offering exclusive services and products. At a glance, Feroldi’s Exclusive Luxury.

Luxury is not just possessing or wearing something that goes beyond the standards, but it is a unique lifestyle that creates original individuals. Perfection is its main featureand by this we mean a constant search and achievement of the most out of any circumstance.

As a matter of fact, FEL’s aim is to go back at the roots and provide GENUINE LUXURY, which means abandoning the trends followed by the masses and giving the possibility to each client to reflect his or her personality. We are going to achieve this by offering a complete range of services.

made in italy
mario murthy feroldi


  • Furniture

  • Clothing

  • Assitance

  • Food&rinks

  • Personalization

  • Advertising

  • Events

  • Tech

  • Hotels

  • Jewelery

  • Sport

  • Transport